Bolster - Espresso Roast

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Bolster has a bold dark chocolate flavour with a round smooth honey note. A blend of Tanzanian Peaberry and Salvadoran Miramar, this versatile roast can be pulled as a traditional espresso or brewed using your favourite method. Bolster has bold flavour with a bold story.

Salvadoran Miramar is Direct Trade and Women Produced.

340g Whole Bean Coffee


We've dreamed of travelling to connect with local coffee producers to build equitable trade relationships and bring you the most delicious coffee. With travel being all but impossible, we are thrilled and thankful to have met our new friends at The Coffee Republic, founded by a Salvadoran ex-pat in the GTA, who made it possible to establish a direct trade relationship with his Finca Miramar family farm in El Salvador.

An ideal setting, Finca Miramar is located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano and ranges from 1,400 - 1,700 metres above sea level. The multigenerational family owned farm is almost 100 years old, uses macadamia and peach trees for shade and proudly yields women produced coffee.


Tanzanian Peaberry

Nitin Estate where this bean originates is owned by the Suhdir family and is located in the Ngorongoro Area, about 120 miles from Arusha town. The farm borders on the game reserve and elephants are a frequent guest. This specialty coffee comes from the newer planting blocks that were planted five years ago.

Salvadoran Miramar

A multigenerational family owned farm, Finca Miramar is rich with history and coffee expertise. This direct trade bean is grown at 1,400-1,700 metres above water, pulp natural (semi-washed) and dried on a clay patio. It is known for its juicy round body and brown sugar sweetness. 



I knew nothing about fresh roast before trying this coffee, now I cant go back. Seriously fresh roast is a whole other level of delicious!

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I couldn't imagine not starting my day with Midnight Voyage in my Aeropress Go, Lord & Lady Coffee is my go to coffee spot for gear and fresh roast coffee!

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