Midnight Voyage - Dark Roast

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A single origin Colombian crowd pleaser, this “dark as it gets” fresh roast is sure to excite! Originating in the Tolima region of Colombia, this Fairtrade and organic bean is roasted to what we call “fresh roast dark”. With tasting notes of dark molasses, cherry and a beautiful caramelized finish, we like to think of it as the best of dark roast with the best of fresh roast.

Canada Fairtrade Certified & Organic

340g Whole Bean Coffee


By choosing Fair Trade coffee you ensure farmers get a fair price for their beans and an additional Premium to invest in schools, and reforestation and agricultural improvements, for example. This means that they can improve their working, social and community lives and protect the environment they live in. And with Fairtrade Canada, every bean can be traced back to the farmers’ cooperative. So you get a great cup of coffee that you know has adhered to high ethical standards, and one that has directly benefited the farmer who produced it.

This Colombian bean is of the Excelso EP grade, a method of categorizing exportable coffee from Colombia. Slightly smaller than the Supremo, they are often harvested from the same tree and can include peaberries.


When you see a product with the FairTrade seal, you can be sure it meets rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards. That means:

  • Safe working conditions
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Community Development Funds



I knew nothing about fresh roast before trying this coffee, now I cant go back. Seriously fresh roast is a whole other level of delicious!

Belleville, ON

I couldn't imagine not starting my day with Midnight Voyage in my Aeropress Go, Lord & Lady Coffee is my go to coffee spot for gear and fresh roast coffee!

Belleville, ON

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