⇢ Customize your Pay As You Go subscription and you will be automatically charged for each shipment.

⇢ You choose the frequency of delivery - 2 bags of coffee every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

⇢ Select your coffee roast for each of the 2 bags.

⇢ Cancel your subscription anytime before the monthly billing date.


⇢ Select the PrePaid plan that suits your needs - 2 bags of coffee for 2 months or 6 months.

⇢ Select your coffee roast for each of the 2 bags in the shipment.

⇢ You’ll be charged one time for the full amount and sent coffee monthly. ⇢ If you’re sending a gift, simply add your recipient's mailing address. You can add a note to your order (at checkout) for your gift.

⇢ Get a $4 discount on the 2 month plan.

⇢ One bag is free on the 6 month plan, and it includes a FREE Lord & Lady hat with the first shipment.

*Applies to both PayGo and PrePaid Subscriptions. Some roasts may be unavailable for subscription due to their seasonal nature (we will contact you if we must substitute a roast selection).