There are so many things to learn about coffee. Start digging and you will find yourself so deep in a rabbit hole you won't know which way is up!

When we started getting into freshly roasted coffee, and even as we launched the roastery, so many people were confused when we used the term "fresh roast". It was often confused with the term "freshly ground" or "freshly brewed". Let's get back to the basics and explore each.


FRESHLY GROUND - The art of grinding your coffee beans just before brewing. An important step when using quality beans, it gives your coffee significantly better flavouring when you grind just before each use. Also important is how you store your beans as you keep them for grinding each day - be sure to use an air tight container or resealable bag (our Lord & Lady bags are resealable). 

FRESHLY BREWED - This used to be highly marketed by our drive through favourites. It means that the coffee is brewed and served, not kept warm and served much later. Keeping coffee warm on a hot plate drastically affects the flavour and often creates a burnt note in the drink. Freshly brewed is important, and also how we recommend drinking your craft coffee - right away is always best. 

FRESH ROAST - Coffee that is imported as green beans and roasted on a regular basis, and delivered for consumption within weeks of roasting. This is what we mean by fresh roast, we take green coffee beans and roast it in small batches at our roastery, manually adjusting the temperature and customizing the roast and flavour. 


Fresh roast coffee is meant to be enjoyed within days to week of roasting, should be freshly ground each time you make a pot, and consumed while freshly brewed. 

See the difference between the three terms? Fresh roast coffee is a gourmet product that is considered hand crafted. It's often referred to as "craft coffee" and typically uses specialty beans that are individually sourced by origin and type. Our roasts are THE ONE and MIDNIGHT VOYAGE.

Still with us? Hang in there, we have so much more to share and discover with you!