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From farm to cup, we’ve curated an experience you can have confidence in. Freshly roasted in small batches with purpose and design. Roasts made for you. Our commitment reaches far beyond your cup. A portion of every bag goes directly to supporting farming communities through technology and education around the world.


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Dark Chocolate & Brown Sugar for breakfast (with a floral hint).


The group of four who got it all started.



Head Roaster, Founder

Matt has been working on creating his perfect cup of coffee for 8 years, and we aren’t sure he will ever stop pursuing it. His passion for roasting coffee started as a hobby with a meager home roaster, a tarp and some duct tape. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, he was convinced that someday this hobby could turn into a full fledged coffee roastery. Matt has spent years roasting, experimenting and having fun with coffee, and it has all led to this.


Managing Director

Take a goal, turn it into a plan and make it happen. These are the words Kristen lives by. She is the keeper of our checklists, our spreadsheets and our dreams. Her love of coffee has been influenced by none other than her husband and roaster, Matt, who even successfully converted her to drinking her coffee black!



Creative Director

Creativity is her middle name. Known for her ideas, artistry and creative entrepreneurship, Shauna joined the team to help bring visual and branding ideas to life.



Sales Director

Go getter, always on the move, Jodie can't be without people for very long. He gets the job done. Jodie grew up in Prince Edward County and has a long-time history of bringing inspiration and new business ideas to the Bay of Quinte region. Jodie is gifted in moving things forward when there seems to be no way through.

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Our Why

Why start a Coffee Roastery? The short answer is a passion and love for the drink. But, the truth (and the long answer) is that our desire is for Lord & Lady Coffee to be a vehicle offering financial support to organizations we love. How can we build something here at home that can impact nations we may never visit? One way is through connection with trusted partners whom we’ve met, developed friendships with and have supported for years.

What’s the best way to get something done that you know nothing about? Find someone who’s doing it well, and support them. One such person is our dear friend Benite Jeune and his organization Rise Haiti who are changing lives through eduction, clean water and strengthening local communities. We have been supporting their school, Vignier, for years, and are excited to continue this support through Lord & Lady Coffee. A portion of every bag sold goes towards purchasing text books for their school Vignier and more projects in the future.

We are also excited to be working with Benite towards direct trade of our absolute favourite bean, the Haitian Blue Pine Forest Bean! Our heart is to cultivate relationships with coffee farmers, purchasing their crops at a fair and sustainable price as direct trade partners. This is our story, and we are excited to share it with you!

Visit Rise Haiti >>