Brew at Home Bundle

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We've affectionately named 2021 the year of the home brew. This Bundle includes everything you need to start brewing a great cup at home. A perfect starter kit for the coffee enthusiast, you get the key components to a great home set up! 

This bundle includes:

- Baratza Encore Burr Grinder - known as the best burr grinder in its class

- Classic 8 Cup Chemex Coffeemaker - an exquisite pour over maker

- Box of 100 Chemex Filters - essential for brewing with the Chemex

- 340g bag of THE ONE Signature Blend

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Brew Better at Home


The year of the home brew

Perfecting Your Skills


Specialty coffee

It's the Cup You Deserve

From farm to cup, we’ve curated an experience you can have confidence in. Freshly roasted in small batches with purpose and design. Our roasts are made for you.



I knew nothing about fresh roast before trying this coffee, now I cant go back. Seriously fresh roast is a whole other level of delicious!

Belleville, ON

I couldn't imagine not starting my day with Midnight Voyage in my Aeropress Go, Lord & Lady Coffee is my go to coffee spot for gear and fresh roast coffee!

Belleville, ON

Taste that

Don't settle for anything less than fresh roast.