Brew at Home Bundle

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We've affectionately named 2022 the year of the home brew. This Bundle includes everything you need to start brewing a great cup at home. A perfect starter kit for the coffee enthusiast, you get the key components to a great home set up! 

This bundle includes:

- Baratza Encore Burr Grinder - known as the best burr grinder in its class

- Classic 8 Cup Chemex Coffeemaker - an exquisite pour over maker

- Box of 100 Chemex Filters - essential for brewing with the Chemex

- 340g bag of THE ONE Signature Blend



I knew nothing about fresh roast before trying this coffee, now I cant go back. Seriously fresh roast is a whole other level of delicious!

Belleville, ON

I couldn't imagine not starting my day with Midnight Voyage in my Aeropress Go, Lord & Lady Coffee is my go to coffee spot for gear and fresh roast coffee!

Belleville, ON

The year of the home brew

Perfecting Your Skills


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Brew Better at Home


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Don't settle for anything less than fresh roast.