You Will Need:

  • Freshly Roasted Lord & Lady Coffee
  • A Chemex
  • Chemex bonded paper filters
  • Kettle (goose neck preferred)
  • Scale
  • Grinder (optional, we like Baratza grinders)


Brew Logistics:

Makes 4-6 cups ( 720: 45 )

Dry Coffee: 45g

Water: 730g

Grind: medium to coarse (we recommend coarse)

Water temp : 195-205

Ratio: 16:1 (16g of water for every 1g of dry coffee)


Lets Brew!

1.) Collect all the tools you will need.  Heat water ( we prefer 202°f ), grind your fresh roast coffee with a medium to coarse grind.

2.) Place your Chemex on the scale and add the filter inside, rinse the filter with hot water, this helps to remove and paper flavour and heats the Chemex before you brew.

3.) Pour our the extra water inside your Chemex and place it back on the scale and make sure its set to zero, measure in your grounds (45g course grounds approx 6 tbsp) and tare your scale again to prepare for the next step

4.) Now that your water has reached temperature ( 202°f ) pour 100g of water wetting in a circular motion until all of the grounds and watch the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds.

5.) Once the bloom has stopped pour in the same circular motion another 200g of water ( a total of 300g of water have now been poured) let  coffee drip through the filter for about 2 minutes.

6.) Begin the pour on the remaining 420g of water in same circular motion (bringing your total to 720g) leave the coffee to be fully drawn down, remove filter and your fresh roast brew is ready to serve. Enjoy that beautiful cup of coffee, you deserve it!